Meetup para trocar ideias sobre React, React Native, Relay, GraphQL, Falcor, Redux, Flux, Webpack e outras tecnologias bleeding edge.

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Date: April 14, 2017



Tags: react redux relay graphql react-native js

Organizer: Ronaldo Lima
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How to test everything with Jest

  • koa/express server
  • mongoose model
  • graphql server

  • react and react native components (snapshot)

  • react components UX (enzyme)

  • relay integration tests

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Optimization and Performance


Let's talk about how to improve performance on application and what sort of optimization we need to do. We'll see some comparison with React alternatives like Preact and Inferno as well.

Thumb photo Keuller Magalhaes
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Styling React components

Breaking a bit of the routine we will approach css in js with React. We will cover some use cases and standards.

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How to build a CD to a react-native app using Fastlane


We will discuss how to execute the delivery of react-native apps with fastlane, automating processes such as hotfix and creation of push notifications and release certificates, provisioning profiles, uploading metadata and screenshots for the store.

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