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QuintoAndar - Dev moment

Let's talk about the tech that we use here at QuintoAndar. Depending on the number of papers, it could be an afternoon, a day, maybe a week. ~30 minutes (max) talks about things that we actually use here at QuintoAndar and would be nice for others to know more about it.

- Tools (JWT, logging)
- Apps (CRM, jaiminho)
- Methodologies, culture and pep talks

Date: TBD

Date: September 17, 2018




Organizer: Diego Queiroz
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Kubernetes inner workings


Overview of how kubernetes runs.

  • Kubernetes concepts
  • Istio (complex request routing made easy)
  • Metrics and monitoring
  • Deploy pipeline
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JWT - o que é e como usamos


Uma breve explicação sobre o padrão JSON Web Token (JWT) e como o utilizamos para fazer "stateless sessions" de usuários.

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Chat - linhadireta - uma aplicação meio genérica


HelpRental vai falar um pouco sobre implementação do projeto do linhadireta (chat).

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