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GDG Global Summit 2017 - Community Sessions

1) Propose a session (30 mins) you'd like to lead for GDG organizers at the Summit. The session should teach a valuable, globally-relevant skill or learning to organizers, and leave them with something tangible to apply to their groups. 2) Vote for your favorite sessions! 3) Summit organizers will confirm sessions with session leaders first week of May.


Date: May 16, 2017


Twitter: gdg

Tags: gdg community


Organizer: Nilay Yener
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Go Viral! Event Marketing


You plan to organize an awesome event! and go viral! everyone will talk about your event! I will talk about Event Marketing! it is the most important element for any events! How to promote your event, and to go Viral through social media, and word of mouth, as well as traditional marketing. Creating buzz is not easy! but is able to realize. Vote! and Join me to make you event go viral.

Thumb photo Walid SERIR
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